As an agent of Industry 4.0, LACIT – Digital Technologies Laboratory develops, implements and subsequently supports NX CAM postprocessors for CNC machines.
Thanks to the postprocessors developed by us, the Customer will receive a high speed of creating and editing NC-programs for the existing fleet of CNC machine tools.
Our practical experience

The high level of safety of the NC-programs generated by the postprocessor is due to the built-in procedures in the postprocessor source code for checking the presence of technologist errors in the CAM-project. For example, the postprocessor will not generate the NC-program and will display an error message if the spindle speed is not defined, the tool number is not specified or assigned number is already being used. The list of checked errors is negotiated with the Customer’s process engineers.

We are developing a postprocessor taking into account all the features of a particular machine. This means that the features of the automatic tool change, features of the layout of the machine will be taken into account, which is especially important in multi-axis machining, when before changing the coordinates of the rotary axes of the machine it is necessary to safely remove the tool from the workpiece.

Widely applying user defined events, using standard functions of the CNC device, as well as programming elements inside the NC-program itself, we achieve the highest possible level of automation of the machining process both on mill and turn-mill CNC machine tools.
Our postprocessors support all the coordinate system transformation functions available on the machine: G68.2 / CYCLE800 / PLANE SPATIAL for 5-axis positional (3 + 2 axis) machining and G43.4 / TRAORI / M128 for 5-axis continuous machining.
If a milling machine is a 4- or 5-axis machine, but the CNC device does not have standard transformation functions, we can offer our own functions that expand the technological capabilities of the equipment.
The absence of standard coordinate system transformation functions on a turn-mill machine with a driven tool on a turret will not be an obstacle for milling in the radial direction also.
For machining in the axial direction, our postprocessors support the G12.1 / TRANSMIT polar interpolation functions.
In addition, into postprocessors can be built support of special mechanisms of the turn-mill machines such as tailstock, subspindle, follow-rest, barfeeder and finished parts trap.
For example, if the customer’s machine tool is equipped with a subspindle, then thanks to the postprocessor it is possible to process the workpiece in both spindles according to a single NC-program which does not require interruption of NC-program run for the machine tool adjustment after transferring the workpiece to the subspindle. At the same time, it is possible to return the workpiece back to the main spindle during the execution of the same NC-program. Such postprocessor functions are especially useful for the efficient operation of multi channel turn-mill machine tools.
If necessary, support of measuring cycles for part probing and / or cutting tool measurement can be included in the postprocessors.

Prior its implementation each postprocessor is tested at the Customer’s production plant by manufacturing a test part. 
Together with the postprocessor, user instructions are supplied. Within a year from the moment of implementation, we provide technical support to the Customer.

We have practical experience in the development and implementation of postprocessors for most types of layouts of mill and turn-mill machine tools equipped with Fanuc, Siemens Sinumerik control units.
Having its own machining department, equipped with five-axis mill and turn-mill machine tools, we invite potential customers to get acquainted with the application of our postprocessors in practice!

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